EXLENCE System Keep After Worst Case Slippage


Can you correct the "Keep after worst-case slippage" for the EXLENCE system? It current reads -244118.0%; previously it read about 93%.

I believe that this metric is keeping EXLENCE off of the "Best systems" lists, since this is the only metric that does not currently meet the specs of the "Criteria for list".




When can you correct this statistic? In one day? One week? One month?

I appreciate a response from you.


Chris: The Best systems list is a great feature to advertise your system - and rightly so, given that it meets all the requirements.

Hopefully Matthew will provide you a response!


Thanks Gilbert.

I expect that Matthew would have both a strategic and financial interest in making sure that as many systems (read: subscriber choices) as possible are included in the “Best systems” lists.

Perhaps he doesn’t feel that $900 per subscriber per year is worth his time. And of course there is an additional unquantified value added in keeping great systems at his website in order to maintain and/or increase his subscriber customer base.



Chris - I fixed this yesterday. Take a look. Sorry for the delay. It took me a little while to figure out what caused the problem. (It was the change in price magnitude of the @PX symbol.)

Thanks for the fix Matthew!

I didn’t expect such a quick turnaround because upgrading the site hardware was definitely top priority.




Not only is a long-term growth strategy SO much more valuable - when taking into consideration compounding - but appropriate money management or asset allocation dictates that (all things being considered) a relatively constant level of exposure be maintained throughout each trading year.

IOW - if the strategy or 'edge" said vendor possesses is so great. . .confidence in it MUST dictate that appropriate levels will be maintained and held constant!

This in fact is showing up in the [LINKSYSTEM_28309886] equity curve and I challenge anyone to afford us a similar trajectory found at C2.

In due time, my hope is that to truly provide value or gain “success” in this business. . .my equity curves will display these very same characteristics. Time will tell.