Questionable Fills

Regarding signals for Eagle and Eagle II:

1) I had issued order 15454106 on 7/31 to buy MSFT @ 26.01 on a stop, with the conditional protective stop at 25.52 (order 15454109). Collective2 shows it filled on 8/1 and then stopped out 8/3. My data vendor doesn’t show MSFT trading that low. So I think this trade should still be open.

2) Similar situation with Eagle II, order 15480041 to sell to open HOU5 @ 16679 on a stop. Collective2 shows it filled on 8/2 at 17100. I don’t see how this could have been triggered as I’m showing the low as 16959, so I don’t think this trade should have been entered.

3) I’m issuing many signals each day and I thought if I set the option to wait for x minutes, the orders would batch up into one email. I’m still getting an email for each signal.

4) Clutter control doesn’t seem to be working either.


OK. I’ll take a look at these issues and see what happened.

More later - MK