Problem with order fills

Mathew, I have problem with executed orders thrue API and C2 messenger. I have no idea how many signals today filled. Also STC at market orders still pending. All orders placed 1hour ago still "pending".

I am looking into this problem. It appears to be system-wide. - Matthew

The problem has been resolved.

Mathew, today I see same problem.

Mathew, same problem with fills today. Plz. look.

Mathew, plz. check this trade:

09:32:53 am Buy to open 90 RAIL @ limit 50.32 DAY

Signal ID: 25375135

I can’t see fill for this stock.

Please report using Trouble Ticket. Thanks. Instructions below. - MK

How to use the Report Problem function:

1) Log in to your C2 account.

2) Go to the trading system in question.

3) Immediately above the trade details, you’ll see an area that says: “What this page displays.” Make sure you turn on: "Report problem links."

4) Now, every executed trade (or unexecuted pending signal) will display a little green question mark. Click the question mark to report a problem with a fill.

HG never touched 348.30.