R Future Broadcast "FREE"

Hello to everyone,

Some days ago I started broadcasting R Future signals and trades.

You can get insights on how R Future trades at the Broadcast site. http://ticker.tv/randbots

Analyze signals and trades;
Know my very short term view;
Review TrackRecord;
AutoTrade available;

R Future still on beta: The original model can add up to 5x to wining trades, thus I had modified the algo to work with an account of 25k. I will do my best to make money but only time will tell. In the next few months we will have some data to review.

If what you see adds value to you, please follow the channel, in the future the channel will not remain open to everyone, you may enjoy the first mover advantage.

R Future page for future updates

Interesting and innovative concept! It may be worth share some thoughts via skype.

Mario, can you start the system or make it public so people can track the chart and trades. Thanks

https://collective2.com/details/110087588 Is this the one Mario?

Hello Sam,

Yes you are correct



Hello TT3,

Nice to hear from you.

The system is public for a small fee. I posted the links

Mario, with all respect, who is trading all these systems? You are over extending yourself, I feel and your R Options is the #1 longterm investment strategy on here in my opinion, don’t tarnish that with Futures, Options Mini, just stick to your bread and butter man. I hate seeing system operators fail even as good as you because they overextend. Thank you

he has to create some smaller systems. not everyone can scale his big one. the mentality is it’s too big people won’t join.

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Hello Jcasesa,

I totally understand your comment and I appreciate your concern. I am making public the way I manage capital at Randholm & Co. with the means of Randbots.com. C2 users can benefit from that.

In 1999, when I started trading, I read about the benefits of diversification; this is why R Option is not my only system. R Option Mini was created to help smaller accounts, which is helping close friends who have limited capital to risk with such strategy.

My company manages systems which are not public. Because of randbots.com, I started to create a public trackrecord. In a couple years, institutions and private clients could benefit from this verified and public record.

I will not fail. My goal is to consistently trade and manage risk for at least the next 20 years. I know I will have good years and bad ones, and trust me I know that I am talking about; I was a member of a team who managed institutional funds in hedge funds strategies during the financial crisis. On the other hand, I keep learning everyday. I also understand that I only read about 60 people in the world, who I respect, that have achieve my goal. This is a very hard business.

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