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Some future strategies are idle most of the days

I feel some of the future strategies are idle most of the days. Even they are fine, but overall monthly profit is slim because they trade so infrequently.

Which ones are you referring about?

To be honest its high leveraged trading with futures so I would imagine trading every day would lead to quick losses unless they are precise with their entries.

If you want greater returns you probably will have to accept greater drawdowns as well.

I am talking about several of those future strategies that are high ranking on leader board. their DD is low, however, they only trade once or twice per week. It is hard to make serious profit with them.

Also I found that the big up in profit was always before any sub followed. After there were subs, the profit becomes very flat. It looks like they have decent yearly return, but the major part of the profit was before subs


My question is, before there were any subs, what they trade on? Their own money? or just paper money, or what? If they trade on their own money, C2 should identify them as TOS. So what they trade on before subs came?


My explanation is that this is survivorship bias. Traders develop strategies in private trading paper money, taking higher risks. The successful strategies are offered to the public but it’s hard to replicate the same returns. The traders become more cautious when real money is on the line.


If you want explanations please point out one or two otherwise it would be very time consuming to research the leaderboard for you…lol :thinking:

Probably need to ask a question, if these trader leaders are full-timers & 100% dedicated to their C2 strategies? If most of them are partially working with C2, how can you expect too much for part time / non-reinforced jobs? It is not hard to understand why some strategies are idle most of the days. Since this is not their major job, they must have some other priorities treated as more important.

I would like it if C2 created a chart overlay to quickly show what parts of the chart are based on data from auto traders and not just recorded bids and asks. Something similar to the leverage overlay.

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How often a system trades has nothing to do with its profitability.

You can trade 200 times a day and lose consistently.

On the other hand you can trade once a week or a month and make a killing in the long run.

PS: Please note that I am NOT implying that low-frequency trading is more profitable.


Makes sense! Thanks. I am pretty new just want to have a understanding

Yes, that makes more sense to me.

I think what you said is correct for investment. But for day trading of futures, there should be plenty of opportunities across the week.

There are basically two ways to increase the frequency of your buy/sell signals.

1: Use a smaller time frame (5 min for example)
2: Scan as many financial instruments as you can, at the same time.

Let’s say the trader is looking for Head and Shoulders patterns for example. If he uses the 5-min time frame he will obviously find plenty of them every day, on just 2 or 3 financial instruments (Gold, Coffee and British Pound for instance).

On the other hand finding such Head and Shoulders formations on the monthly charts (say, on the S&P 500) could take years, if not decades.

So unless we know the time frame the C2 Trade Leader is using and the number of financial markets he is following at the same time, it’s hard to tell if his system is really “idle” or not.

As a side note most traders naively believe that they NEED to trade more often if they want to make more money.

This may sound counterintuitive but that is simply not true.

I surely agree what you said is true. For day trading futures, I believe traders need to examine smaller time frame (minute levels).

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Another thing puzzles me a lot is that, some of the future day trading strategies worked very well by holding positions within minutes before subs joined (examples like index1, index2, and futuresmillionaire). However, after subs joined, those strategies tended to hold positions much longer and quite often led to big loss. I just don’t understand why those strategy leaders suddenly changed their trading styles when real subs join.

I personally subscribed to one of those strategies, I saw trades made decent profit, but the leader holds it till big loss. Totally different from the style that I tracked before subs.

A) there’s the issue of getting real fills on really short time frames that can cause performance to deviate from paper.
B) the psychological factor of knowing people are losing real money, so the trade leader waits longer than their system tells them [if they have any], i.e. hold-and-hope.

In general, you can make good money being very selective on entries and wait a lot, but it’s harder to analyze system performance with few trades.

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Personally, I had some success using 1 minute chart trading futures myself. But just don’t have luxury of time doing it most of the days. So I came to this site subscribing some strategies that looked good in the past hopefully generate some profits. At least with two strategies, I generated some profits at beginning with some short period of trades. But both ends with big loss with trades that were hanging there for long time without obvious reasons. Those trades originally made good profits, but no close, still hanging, until falling big at the end. I just don’t understand why the leaders did this except they intentionally wanted subs to loose… (otherwise, no reasonable excuse I can think of. From the chart perspective, what they did makes no sense at all)

My biggest fear using strategy of this site is that leaders don’t trade on their own moneys, so they really don’t care much. For high leverage trading, one careless trade may lead to crash…


Ones that have the TOS (Trades Own System) badge do use their own money.

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