Hi Matthew

What does C2 rating is comprised of?What criteria is used?


It’s a ranking of you to other vendors on the site based on risk adjusted measures, and I’ve been told there’s a strong emphasis on net outperformance of the S&P 500.

Vet -

Like any statistic, I wouldn’t put complete faith in it. I’ve seen it do some really bizarre things.


It includes discontinued signals. In my case I forgot to go flat with a signal before it went unsupported. My position was long on margin. Now when the market goes up I have a great rating. When the market is going down my rating goes with it. I have seen my rating move 500 points in one week.

Rick Haines

foe some reason i cant get the same C2 as you have I mean 3 digit. Is it due to new rating system?

I have rating based on sacle of 10

sacle of 10 ??

The rating next to your name on this post shows 567, against any system you have it will show 5.67 / 10. The systems are not individually ranked, the vendor is.

scale of 10