"Real Name" Reviews possible?

It would be nice if reviewers had the option (as they do on Amazon) of becoming "registered" with C2 and having their name verified and shown as such ("Real Name"). This would help prevent both the practice of shill reviews and would also help protect system developers from accusations of shill reviews when they are in fact real reviews from real subscribers.



I think there are a lot more pressing and, indeed, structural issues that need to be resolved before niceties like this are employed.


As I currently have no reviews at all, I suppose I am fireproof from accusations of Shill reviews! - but real name reviews would be a good idea, a lot of the reviewing process on this site seems to me to be faintly surreal.

I have a single review, from a long time member of C2, and yet was still accused in an analyst page of having a shill review for advertising purposes – that’s I why I’d like something like this. It would make it clear if people are real or not, just like it does on Amazon.



Dave have you proved the review was not done by a shill? The fact the review was done by a long time member of C2 is irrelevant.

Yes, Dave has proof, the review was done by me and I told Dave so.

I am a happy subscriber of this as well as other systems on C2. When I started with C2 about 3 years ago there were hardly any good systems or they had only a short history, now there are more than my capital allows me to trade with.

To add real, verified names to the reviews would certainly enhance the credibility of C2 and attract more good and qualified developers - should not this be the goal of C2? Unfortunately it often looks like C2 is more interested in quantity than quality. However, if this is what it takes to fund and sustain a viable business model, so be it, as long as there are tools available, like the Grid, to find the good systems tailored to one’s need.

Karl Aschenbrenner

I second that!

Probably the full name has some problems with privacy rules.

(Matthew is very strict in not disclosing private details and right so)

What about this suggestion:

Reviews can come from actual subscribers only. C2 could add something like:

"From a subscriber who started subscription 3 Months ago"

or even an updated display:

"From a subscriber, subscription started 2007-11, ended 2010-06"

Then it would be easy to identify shrills:

"From a subscriber, started one day ago, still in free trial period"

This can be done now, even for all already existing reviews…

I think this would add quite some credibility.

While technically true, it is certainly less likely to be a shill review if the user has been on C2 for years. That said this is even more reason for real name reviews. As far as proving a review was not a shill review, I’d prefer not to have to prove it, this is why I am asking for this feature…

I really like the ideas put forth by Dr. Koch. That would really make the review system more meaningful.