Voting on C2 customer reviews

One of the recent subscriber reviews I read came across as an advertisement that the system vendor had written, it was for system Trader’s Prophets. It’s a 5 star review of a 7 week old system, with detail on the vendor’s pricing that reads like an advertisement.

I know some places like allow voting on the quality of reviews that users submit, would something like that be feasible for C2? Here is a link to the system. [LINKSYSTEM_46963166]

Others have mentioned this idea in the past but I personally think it will do more harm than good. Imagine if a vendor had multiple aliases, he could then legitimize the fake review by making multiple votes in favor of it only further damaging the credibility of the site.

Reviews are what they are, and on the whole people aren’t stupid, they can smell a rat when something’s not right, and if there is anything suspect about the system and it’s vendor all will become apparent in time.

I don’t see anything suspect about that review. We are all entitled to our opinions. Plus, we can all see the trades and saying that a system is 7 weeks old, is a matter of fact. For a reviewer to comment on the vendor’s communication or the like, adds value.

I vote NO on adding anonymous opinions about people’s anonymous opinions to the system review. The forum serves that purpose better.