...and we all live happily ever after

I offer a few suggestions for more professional C2 service.

* A system reviewer should have the option to list his name or not to the public attach with his review - either way it does not really matter.

* What does matter however is that as a system owner, he should have the right to know who the reviewer is.

By implementing on these two ideas, the site would become much less derogatory in nature.

my2cents for what they are worth.

How about not allowing reviews during trial period, unless they are paying subs?

I agree with that, but would go further. I don’t think a subscriber should be allowed a review unless he’s paid a subscription fee.

I think the current movie poster-style reviews should be eliminated. Instead, put all the "my analyst" comments for one system in a single page (not individual pages for each person), and identify whether each analyst is a subscriber, a former subscriber, a trier, or an observer. The star rating is not very useful IMO.

We’re working on some significant site re-design which will group information together more logically, along the lines you propose.