Real World versus C2

Dear C2,

I am a subscriber to a system that told me to get short on the ES at 1284. The system put in a stop/exit in profitable territory ( 1283), however, my " real-life" stop got hit, and you show my vendor making 2600 bucks? I made a 100 on the deal. Oh, did i say 2600? Let me " refresh", now he’s up 2800. I read a post one time that stated; " I find the posted fills a fantasy…" I agree with that post, Real world was a hundred bucks, and Fantasy Land made 2800, thats hot!

Oh, let me clarify/verify before the vultures start their feeding frenzy. I offer a system at C2, it’s a reload, and it’s mediocre. I do in fact subscibe to other systems to get an idea of what other systems are thinking. So, S.C. you can copy/paste all you want, you know my feelings toward you.


Hi, John: It would be helpful if you could tell me the specific system name and the trade signals in question. Then I could investigate and that, too, would be hot.

I thought it may be inappropriate to name the system, but since you asked. Six Sigma had a protective stop at 1283 (ES), that price clearly traded, and in " real-life" that price clearly got filled, but my vendor is making 3000 bucks on the deal.

I’ll take a look.

The stop at 1283 was only released this morning when futures were trading around 1277 at approximately 9:45 eastern time this morning. ES futures have not traded at 1283 since release of the signal and in fact, have not traded at 1283 since yesterday afternoon.

Agreed. I just looked at the server logs and find the same thing. The stop order was posted at 9:26 am… and the stop has not been hit since then.

John: am I misunderstanding your complaint? It seems like everything has performed exactly right.

Holy Smokes! The date is changed on the stop? That 1283 ( ES) exit was in last night. I was trading last night, and I saw that stop in place. I"m not the kinda guy to trade barbs, and go back and fourth about a subject, but I can tell you this; Last night at about 6pm EST, I saw a protective stop from Six Sigma at 1283, I saw the market trading 1282.50/1282.75, and I was saying to myself; " he’s got another winner", and then I woke up this morning, and I saw a spike to 1283, and I said to myself; " man, that blows, he’s out". So, the whole reason for this forum is " how the heck did he avoid getting filled at 1283?"

Maybe worth an investigation because at no time was a stop released until this morning. In addition, futures never traded at 1283 since yesterday afternoon during market hours. Even if there was a stop at 1283, it would not have been executed according to fill logs.

Nope. The server logs everything. There was absolutely no stop order at price 1283. Where did you see it? It doesn’t exist in the database, in the logs, in the email records. I must strongly disagree with you here. If you have some record of it, I’d love to see it – an email? an ITM window? – but I really can’t see how it’s possible, John, since there is no record of the order you claim you saw.

Oh, my point was I saw the 1283 stop in place last night, and I woke up this morning and saw that 1283 had traded. I thought the 1284 short trade was dead, and it made like 5,000. Who knows’ I mighta dreamt it, I might be clarivoyant. How in the world did I know you’d place a stop at 1283 anyway? Anyway, you win, I give up. I’m a subscriber, so keep up the good work. I"m not gonna beat this dead-horse. Just send me another winner, and that will be cool

There was a limit order at 1263 in place last night. Maybe you saw that last night, and then when you woke this morning and saw the 1283 stop, you mixed them up? In any case, issue closed.


Just wondering, are there any plans for C2’s rankings to reflect the

real world? The #1 ranked system on C2 is still a monopoly money system:


4 wks 153 Mostly Futures; (some forex) Daytrade (rapid) 23% 2.6 n/a 12829.2% $0/mo


50 wks 62 Mostly Futures, Forex; (some stocks) Swing Trade (weeks/trade) 58% 2.9 2.741 1120.1% 14 days $150/mo

More winners on the way in due time. :o)

Ah. Let me try to fix that today. Thanks for the heads up.

This last post made me smile. I promised I wouldn’t go back and fourth, but I must issue a statement; MK, your probably right, I probably did mis-read a 1283 for a 1263, I was upset because I was out of the trade. I must apoligize to C2, and to Six Sigma, I got excited, and I started a forum based on my own mistake. Six Sigma sent me a nice Email, and a nice post, all I can do now is take a deep breath, and say I’m sorry. I"m a subscriber to Six Sigma so I hope he maintains his 100% accuracy, and I hope he keeps up the outstanding work

Thank you.

FWIW, at least for me, there is little “fascination” with “test”. My only

concern is that C2 appear legit. Starting with the manipulation of page

views, abuse of margins (traded 477 Cocoa right out of the box, went

bust several times over and continued to trade, etc.) it seems he’s

exploited various C2 flaws. Maybe you should hire him as a trouble

shooter…but keep his “systems” out of public view. I bet he’d work

for cheap until school starts up again.

That’d be a fun job (troubleshooting/finding flaws)…and I’d be good at it too!

Email me your resume.

Great idea, Sam. Instead of having him banned, he will be a C2 employee. Any other ideas? :wink: