Recent looks

How can I get my “recent looks” to stay there and not disappear after a few further pages have been visited?



Click the little gray button next to the system name (it will turn green). Green means a permanent member of the list. Click again to make it gray and thus eraseable.

Thanks, I couldn’t work this out straight away but it seems obvious now!


MK… I have some trouble with this feature working with some systems, while others are OK. I can click on the left dot once and the system moves nearer the top of the list (sometimes), but stays green. If I click it again it moves farther down the list, and stays green. I have tried to get rid of it for a couple of weeks but can only move it up or down in the list, and can never turn it gray.

For a couple of examples, Bris and S&P Swing TEST work OK, and I can toggle them from gray to green and back to gray. But for Magnet and TPS Daytrade E-… (the name stops there so I don’t know which of the two TPS systems this is) I can only go gray to green once, and they are green permanently.

How strange. I will look into this.

I think this has now been fixed. If you notice further problems, let me know.