Software glitch

For some reason, top strategies disappeared from the leaderboard. Anyone else notice this? Not sure if @MatthewKlein noticed this yet but it’s been happening for weeks.

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Please be specific and tell me what you think is wrong. The fact that the Leaderboard changes is not surprising. What do you mean?

For example, MyLivePortfolio is not showing up. I think #61 deserves a spot on there.

I mean no disrespect, but I don’t think it is a “software glitch” that your strategy doesn’t rank high enough to appear on the Leaderboard. My advice: just keep running your strategy well (which you are doing), and I suspect your ranking will improve over time.

That’s simply not true because it is a top ranked strategy but it’s just not showing on the leaderboard. I attached 2 other strategies. One ranked #184 and the other ranked #204 that are on the leaderboard. But a strategy in the top 10% ranked #60 is not? You must admit this does not make sense. If it does, please explain.

I am also curious on the factors for how a strategy is listed on the leader board.

The ranking needed to make it to the Leaderboard depends on the instruments the strategy trades. If you notice a lower-ranked strategy appear on the Leaderboard, while your strategy does not appear, it means the strategy that does appear is one that trades a different instrument class than yours.

The leaderboard software tries to show a variety of strategy types. My advice to you is to be patient. Your score will rise as your system ages. If you see yourself appearing and then disappearing from the leaderboard, it implies you are just at the cusp of the cut-off for stocks-trading strategies, and once you are over that hump, you will stay on it.

My score has been worse before and I still appeared( I was somewhere in the middle). Then my strategy disappeared. I also trade a very common instrument class. This is just very strange but I will take your word for it.

Ok, just one more thing to point out - that scoring is relative. So other strategies in your instrument class are really the cohort you are essentially competing against.