New Forex quote feed? The sooner the better!

The future success of C2 is strongly linked with a reliable and realist quote feed on Forex market.

For now, my systems cannot be auto traded, because I cannot call market orders (the fills are ALWAYS 10 pips away when I try to do so). As there is a quote lag from 2 pips (EUR/GBP) to 20 pips!!! (yesterday on GBP/CHF) between C2 and the real life, the price fills are never the same on C2 compared to (auto) trading.

… the Forex spreads are between 2 and 3 times larger on C2 than in reality (for the above mentionned pairs at least).

AND… it is now not possible yet to trade EUR/CAD, one of the best technical pairs.

From the day C2 have a better quote feed, subscribers will double up and their money accounts too.

I recently read someone here, arguing that 1 good quote provider would be better than a cross-over check over 5 or 10 providers. That’s very true. Only with 1 provider, everybody can have the same information at the same time.

There must be a reason why quotes cannot simply be displayed on C2, as on 746 other web sites? It is very hard to call trades blindly, without an “official” live quote feed available.

Are there any good news in the pipeline on this issue? I 'm really looking forward to further improvements.

Please add your comments,


P.S. One subscriber told me the name of one competitor website, focused on the trade call/trade execution side. C2 is too much focused on the trade call side only and too much obsessed with overabundant statistics, which mean very few because the price feed is not reliable.

As I really like C2, I do not want this site to become only a link to other competitor sites or account managers. Auto-trading must improve quickly and the obligatory first step is a better price feed. Then, the realism factor and % return can be computed on auto-trading fills ONLY
and the virtual paper trading only systems will be out of the game.

I have a sincere admiration to Matthew, this post’s purpose is everything but criticism.

I’m currently working on adding a new forex quote provider. Nothing is trivial or simple. It’s a top priority. Hang in there.

If the feed gets fixed, and C2 goes live on fx-auto, would my fills be accurately reflected in C2?

The new forex feed is tentatively up and running. It is now being used for the six major pairs. Of course, software being imperfect, we may need to revert back to the old feeds. But I wanted to let people know that, for now, they should receive the same fills on C2 that autotraders receive on IB.