Reported Order Executions

Sad but true. Welcome to the world of high latency trading.

Sad but true. Welcome to the world of high latency trading.

J Book -

I looked at the orders you were describing, and I see you are using the park-until feature. (For other people reading this post, park-until orders allow you to schedule a time of day that orders are “released” into C2’s Fill Engine; but the signals are emailed prior to this to subscribers.)

Unfortunately, as they currently are designed, we cannot guarantee timeliness of orders that use the park-until-time-X feature. Although these orders are generally processed within 60 seconds of the time you request, at peak periods (before market close, for example) delays may be longer. If this is not acceptable, I recommend that you move away from using the park-until feature and constructing your own solution using the API and your own computer to release the orders at the time you desire. They will be filled instantly.

Now, just to be clear, the latency you see is not in processing a market order – actually, once the order is released into’s C2’s Fill Engine, the processing is nearly instantaneous; the delay you see exists in the queue of orders waiting to be released at each park-until time-stamp.

You’re not the first C2 user to be disappointed by this, and so I hope to have good news soon. Specifically, I hope to re-architect the way park-until orders are handled in the near future, so that these delays in releasing orders are minimized or eliminated. But until these improvements are made, you should not use park-until if the lack of guaranteed release times are a problem.

I apologize this wasn’t clear, and I’ll do my best to improve park-until-time-X orders as soon as I can.



I answered your question via email, but will repeat here for other users. In HPBSignals 1.3 this delay is set (shortened) to 15 seconds which is reasonable setting for majority of use cases and to group several signals (bracket orders for example) into one C2 email. But as Matthew stated this setting may introduce additional delay (beyond original 15 secs) on C2 side, so I will make this configurable in the next update release and the users that don’t need this delay will be able to eliminate it.

Question for Matthew:

We are talking about ‘delay’ parameter (delay=15) not ‘parkuntil’ parameter which is not set by HPBSignals. Does your answer apply to ‘delay’ parameter too.



It turns out that the "delay" parameter actually is transformed internally until a parkuntil order. So I would suggest eliminating its use completely.


This has been implemented, release HPBSignals 1.3.1.