Park Until Issue

Park Until is still not working on the New Order Entry screen. It works under the Advanced tab of the old Order Entry screen but trying to put in a Park Until order with the New Order Entry screen just immediately executes and completely ignores the Park Until time.

I just tried and it works fine for me. Perhaps it’s a browser-specific problem? Send an email to me with the browser type, browser version number, and operating system you are using, and the exact order you are entering and I’ll see if I can replicate the problem.

I’m using MS Internet Explorer Version 8.0.6001.18702 running on Windows XP Professional Version 2002, Service Pack 3 (wow, that is embarrassing to admit, but I mostly use my wife’s old laptop). An example order that didn’t work was:

Good Til Cancel STC 21 MRK Stock @Market Park Order Until 09/13/2013 @15:58 then I hit Submit

Remember all of this is in the New Order Entry page (flash?). The problem I experience is that the Park Until Time is ignored and the order shows up in the Trade Blotter as a Market order to be executed immediately, GTC.



I see what’s going on. You have your “park until” year as 2012 (meaning you tried to set the order to release sometime in the past). Check the little calendar thingy-majiggy and make sure your year is 2013. Also keep in mind all times are Eastern US.

I will have to see if that was it. I know it often comes up with 2012, but I thought I changed it in the Park Until time. I’ll try to change my settings through calendar. Thanks.