Reversal trade lost by C2

This morning at 9:32 I clicked to reverse a trade. It properly closed the position, but it did not open a new reversed position. So I had to manually open the reversed position 2 minutes late. The email sent to subscribers indicates to open the reverse trade, but it never happened in C2… The trade seems to have disappeared. Could I please get the later trade (ID# 26681021) nuked and replaced with the actual reversal trade (ID #26680942) that should have gone through?


I already posted about this. It does work if you use limit orders, but with market orders the second half of the trades get lost. Seems to me an easy fix…

Working on it.

Dear Matthew,

Revers command still does not work!

I know, I know. I promise it is next on the list. I will post here when it is done. Please accept my apology for this delay.