Reverse is Broken

The Reverse position feature is broken. I can’t seem to enter a STC and STO order on the same symbol. This is a VERY BIG DEAL. [LINKSYSTEM_40769356]

I also tried to do two independent orders and I can’t place the STO even if it’s conditional on the first order.

So what now?

Can you be more specific? I assume you are using the new site? When you press the REVERSE button next to the position you want to reverse, what specifically happens? Here is what should happen: a pop-up window should appear on screen, asking you for the specifics of how you want to reverse your position (i.e. at the market? or at another price?)

So: do you see that pop-up window? Is it possible that it is appearing, but someplace outside the boundaries of where your browser window is currently scrolled to?

If your answer is: "I do not see the popup window" then please let me know the following:

Your browser type and version number

Your computer operating system


I didn’t take notice if I was landing in the preview site or not. I just pressed login.

Nothing happens when the “reverse” button is pressed. Also, right now if I try to do a plain old order “submit” does not do anything either.

I will go back to the old site or try another browser. The bigger issue here is how do I make a correction for August 16 on what should have traded?

Firefox 3.5.2

XP Professional SP2