Reverse split not working

Hi guys,

I wrote you an email to support but you seem to ignore emails.

I’ve been watching my portfolio down 25% because the system does not detect reverse splits. In this particular case, of a well known stock: C

Eventhough the impact in real $ has been minimal (and positive), since I had a short position on it, your system believe it went from $4.5 to $40 dollars and i’m losing lots of money on it.


1) Read your customer emails, i mean, we pay for support, and having our systems going down on rankings by 400 points it’s not something we paid for.

2) again, read your support emails.

3) lastly, as a suggestion, would you be kind enough to reply your contact support email? It woudl drastically improve your customer satisfaction.

OK, Joaquin. I think the stock split issue has been corrected.