C2 Margin Calculation Failure

Hello C2,

I sent at least one email yesterday to support but have not received a reply about an incorrect margin calculation and the difficulties placing an options order.

My email included a screenshot, and relevant error messages received, along with the position I was attempting to place. It wasn’t the first time I had issues placing an options order through your new order entry system, but it resulted in several erroneous trades.

The erroneous trades are not a concern in of themselves as they amounted to only a few shares (the underlying was traded instead of options), but as a 30 year trading veteran capable of directing the buildout of StockSaints.com, if I’m having difficulty and frustrated, I can only imagine what others with less experience are feeling.

Anyway, I tried to place OTM covered puts on my already existing position with AMZN and it was rejected due to margin requirements. This isn’t the first time this has happened, and in fact I ran into the same issue with FSLR, but brushed it off as a mistake from still learning your system.

I think everyone understands nothing is perfect, but I haven’t received a reply to my email with a request for my order to be placed manually. An order that if I would have called in, would have been filled. Win or lose, the results should mimic reality as much as possible and I trust the delay in response from my email experience yesterday is simply a fluke or possible problem on my end.

Robert -

I can’t find any email in our help desk from you. Please resend to


and also make sure you have the right address in your email’s auto-complete.


Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your fast reply. I resent to help and you should have it shortly.