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Review The Robot Results and Buy The Robot for YourSelf


The Trading Robot is created using MQL4 Language and will operate on MT4.

What is Robot (Expert Adviser)
A Robot/EA is an Automated system that is programmed according to your own way of trading/your strategy. you then load it on the pair you want to trade and set the timeframe and it will do the trading for you;

Advantages of EA

  1. No emotions involved; less risk
  2. Less time on the Computer, you just lock in to monitor progress
  3. it can send you a notification on your phone when the trade is executed and when it take profit or hit stop loss.
  4. If it performs well it can be a legacy to be left for the future generation

Characteristics My Robot

  1. The robot has been created using high profiled indicators;
  2. The robot can detect the movement and take profit just at the right time;
  3. The robot will give you the best results on EURUSD 15 Min Chart;
  4. The Robot performance is more than 10% profit each Month for tested months;
  5. Drawdown is limited to less than 10% but it will protect your funds;

If you want the robot, Just indicate so we can negotiate the price…



Stop spamming the forum man. We know you have a strategy. Your 30% DD will scare alot of people off, plain and simple.
Just keep running your system and after a couple months you’ll start getting subscribers if it is really that good. The more you spam the forums the more it seems like you need money NOW, which is the sign of a system that is a flash in the pan and the developer knows it and he is just trying to recoup his costs.


I Wish i had a respond from experienced person, who can teach me something not some one that i feel i have to take to trading classes!!!


You can’t Even Explain DD % and Time Frame on DD%, if it is the same Strategy it would have done the same or Higher DD% by now

I you asked me what is my Business and why i joined C2 you would understand why iam Marketing the Robot…

You focus on DD and on profit and the Management of DD… if you have time, just say i will teach you so that all three of you strategy will perform cause now really they are Bad…

Just Look My Brother, your draw down is perfect, but eish, your profit, I think you did good by quieting Forex bacuase you really can trade it… From March you never took any trade… Just Stop Misleading as if you know but you know nothing…

Have you Seen Just Forex Trading, and the DD% + Subscribers, If you think Forex is the Same as Stock then you are wrong and keep your commends until you know…

Also Look at Bijagual (70%) Draw Down + Subscribers. Dog Forex is not Stock My Brother and if You take it with the same mentality, the results will be exactly the same as your strategy DogZebraFF is having hence you Abandoned it… Learn Forex tips and leave Stock Mentality…


C2 calculates DD % correctly on here. Yours is >30%. Plain and simple. And yes, I understand Forex.
If you have more months of success, then yes, you will eventually get subscribers. But blasting the forum constantly isn’t going to get you there. Just performance.

FYI, did you see the prior Bijagual?


The Robot is our God.
The Robot is our Master.
All hail The Robot.


Lol… It depends CarRoss


im talking about this one


Can i Ask you questions about your own strategy?


Sure, but I don’t run any of them any more. Feel free to PM me.
But I’m not sure why, since you have repeatedly stated I know nothing about Forex.

And yes, I knew that was the Bijagual strategy you were talking about. I wondered if you had seen his past blow up (probably not).


why have you stopped trading?


My strategy revolved around scalping. On C2, if one subscriber hits a limit order, the rest are immediately turned into market orders, sometimes costing several pips (depending on time of day). My strategy’s profit target was frequently 3-5 pips, so that basically doomed the strategy in the long run.

I still trade (occasionally will scalp), but I will not make a system for public investment until I am convinced I have a repeatable system that produces consistent superior risk-adjusted returns.

Many developers and system promoters on these forums take running other people’s money lightly, like a game. I do not. But in the mean time I frequent the forum to help people steer clear of those that seem like fakes/scammers/etc.


But you not doing a good Job, because you don’t know our trading history, and why we brought the strategy here, we don’t scalp we trade… scalping involves emotion and that is what we avoid,

I started trading the past 4 year bt i just knew about C2 Three Months ago… so sometimes before calling peoples scammers, please do research and talk to people privately, because the reason that you are taking so long to get your strategy going shows your method is not working… try trading because scalping is dangerous and you know it, try having some indicators or write some yourself Human Memory is not that well to remember and store activity of the Market hence its easier when you mark on the chart… so i suggest you look into learning to see where the Market is going and when will it retrace.

I have lot of indicators that can help you My brother


Listen “my brother”. I’m not calling you a scammer. Scammers are people on C2 who play with the bid/ask spread feature, which has been discussed in other threads.

When people asked about your DD you said it was not what C2 displayed. That is false. Your DD is >30%. It is exactly what C2 says it is. That is my issue with you (besides the constant forum spamming). Accept the DD and just run your strategy. If you think it’s a trading error, fine, let C2 know and get it fixed. Or start a new one.

Finally, there are so many things off with your above comments about me I’m just gonna let it go and watch you make millions for all your subscribers. :popcorn:


FYI. This forum is not a bazaar where you can sell your robots.


Please quote m correctly, i didn’t say C2 displayed wrong information you are lying


@AlgoSystems had a legitimate question regarding one of your two 16% drawdowns. You claimed the 16% drawdown was “way less”.

When I told you C2 had it correct you said…

Don’t call people liars man. It’s all there. If you had just answered the question that would have been an end to it.


The real scammer here is dog zebra, he admitted that he cant trade successfully, he blown up a few previous systems, and caused distress to his clients. He is here for his own hidden agenda.


DogZebra is very much appreciated by the C2 subscriber community for exposing scammers and keeping spammers on the forum in check. What do you have to offer to the community?


That’s exactly what I did exposing a scammer with a hidden agenda…

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