Advantages of Trading Robot and VPS


  • I wrote this amazing robot on the MQ4 system and it trades on Meta-trade;

  • Tested it in number of previous Months and got very good results;

  • I am running this robot on VPS so it is always trading and will never stop trading even when I am not on my computer or sleeping :zzz:, so trading is guaranteed.

  • I then used the platform transmits service from to merge the trades on my VPS with my Account so I am not putting trade manually it happens automatically on both meta trader and Collective2 account hance this good results,

Big Maximum Draw Down
Apologies for the huge drawdown it was really not necessary, the causes are:

  • Margin on meta trade (My Broker) is not the same as in and I was not aware of this, most of my trade on meta trade where triggered to subsidize the losing trade but they were not triggered on so I got a lot of this messages:

  • So my meta trade account was on profit but the account was on losses

  • So, i had to recalculate and balance my lot size to accommodate the Collective2 Margin and this took some time hence you see no movement on the strategy after the drawdown.

  • I managed to balance out the size and the strategy started to reflect correctly from the meta trade robot.

So I am not Expecting this huge drawdown in future and that’s for sure!!!


  • This strategy is 40 days old but it is doing wonders :racehorse:

  • It is currently Number one :one: leading strategy in the last 30 days leading the second strategy with more than 50


  • The strategy to currently at 15,2% on this month alone and is still going :horse_racing:

  • I am expecting more than 30% on this strategy this month.


Thank you very much Tiny

As Promised, The Strategy is now at 18% profit from 15% of yesterday… targeting 30%

This is how the robot is performing on MT4…:horse_racing::horse_racing:

Robots Helps you to trade without emotions because most traders loss their money because of emotions.

VPS helps your robot run all the time no depending to the computer you are using when trading…

@PuleTshabalala, do you use stops in your trades? There was one trade sept 6th I believe that had a 16% drawdown which is why I am asking the question.

No I don’t use Stop Loss my Brother…

If i do i program the trade to stop, so that the stop loss does not reflect on my trade information.

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I see what you talking about and it is not 16% draw down its way less… remember, draw down is calculated by the running balance. so you cant estimate the draw down if you don’t see the balance and the lot size

It is not “way less”. It’s pretty darn close.

You started the trade with about $44k in your account. The EURUSD trade (one of the two with >16% DD according to C2) was down about 115 pips at the low point. With 60 contracts that is a DD of $6,900. That’s about 15-16% on a $44k balance.

You had 2 of those trades on at the same time, which is why your Max DD is >30%. The “No Stop Loss” thing is a very dangerous game with that many contracts.

Good Luck.

I rally think we are not on the same page… do you know how to program robots?

cause if you know you will understand when i say i program close trade, not put stop loss. that is the same thing my brother…

  1. when you put a stop loss at x, you are saying when the market get to x, you running trade should be stopped. and that is visible even your broker can see where your stop loss is…
  2. when you program your robot that when the market get to level x, the robot should close your trade… its the same, just you don’t put you levels where brokers can see…

so you are not in the same pic…

As for Max DD, ready from the top, the DD was not formed by that my brother its to do with Margins, my Meta trade had trade to consolidate with draw down of less than 7, but the trades couldnt be triggered on C2 due to reached margins… so iam still safe…

@PuleTshabalala, is this your first time trading with a bot? You will come to understand that there is a need for emergency stops.

There will be situations where there will be a spike and you can get hurt badly. Then there are situations that occur when the bot connection to the brokerage is broken and you are scrambling to reverse or close your position.

Now we know your bot signals entries and then reverses with another signal without stops. The point is the drawdowns are pretty huge so it might be wise to reduce the sizing based on the account size that you have started on C2.

Another way is for you to run this on TOS.

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We are not saying your system is bad but its just the sizing/leverage is enormous for that account size.

If you run this on your own account with TOS I think you will understand that you are overleveraging. Its easy to accept that huge drawdown when you are trading paper money on C2 but when a subscriber pays for your system and has such a drawdown its really sad.

Yes, I write my own EA’s for MT4 frequently and spend many night testing them, so I know about robots.

Algo is right, if you are using a signal or indicator, that is far more dangerous than a stop.

Maybe it’s the broken English, but I have a hard time understanding what any of this means. Your drawdowns would not have been better had you been able to trade more contracts. Do you mean it wouldn’t let you sell out of your contracts because you had margin issues?
You still seem to be trading similar sized lots, even bigger since then.

Lol, yah Broken English NEH… don’t just look at lot size also consider number of trades open… May be you don’t know how DD is calculated… its the just the mini equity you are having during running trades, its not only looking at one trade but all entered trade so a way to get rid of it is by this options.

  1. reduce the lot size you trading on or
  2. reduce number of trades you are entering at the same time.

so i chose to increase the size and reduce the number of tradings entered…


I know exactly how DD is calculated and C2 did it correctly.

And don’t worry, everyone will be watching now… :popcorn:

All are welcomed :cup_with_straw::cup_with_straw:

@Dogzebra… I had to look at the strategy you created just to understand the person i am talking to, really I was discouraged, now i understand why the questions.

Read the description pal. Also, there’s three, but I’m sure you never got that far. :+1:

And… thread closed.

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