Rhymes of Reason

After much preparation, my Substack Newsletter has been published. It is a highly entertaining, rhyming prose take on current events.

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Wow. Perhaps you should read these on YouTube, maybe get invited for a nightly commentary verse on Newsmax.

LOL :grinning: They are good aren’t they?

The posts are more political than I expected. I guess the link says political, but I thought it was going to be about investing. So I take it you are a big Trump follower :cry: Sad

Investing and politics go hand in hand. Without a stable, free-market country there will be no legitimate “investing”. I think many of the big-money investors are starting to figure that out. Based on the most recent rally in the Bronx, I believe Trump has more fans than many people know (or will admit to themselves or others). Since I can tell you’re such a Trump fan, I submit this video that was just recorded at the Bronx rally:

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I submit this explainer of what happened with the recent conviction that made Trump a convicted felon.

It is all political. Are you not a Trump follower? It is hard to believe any educated person does not support Trump. It makes no sense but to each their own. :grin:

Did you watch the trial unfold, or no?
Or just catch snippets from a TV show?
CNN, MSNBC, framed your view,
But is that enough to see what’s true?

The Dems no doubt appreciate your cheer,
They thrive on supporters far and near.
“Useful fools,” as they might say,
Eager to follow, not stray away.

Try to dig deeper, research on your own,
Before opinions are fully grown.
A challenge to you, just once, delve deep,
Past the headlines that networks keep.

Not political but looking around it appears Authoritarians make TERRIBLE Economists. China is a Mess, Russia is a Mess, Turkey is Sliding and others where politicians lean on their finance structures. Trump is promising to CUT interest rates (so DIRECT Fed Interference). If that happens and the Fed loses its independence. Inflation will SKYROCKET and T-Bill interest rates will rise (with horrific future effects) as the world loses confidence in a non-data driven Fed.


I strongly dislike Trump. I don’t think he is good for the USA. I think saying I need to dive deep and not make assumptions based on headlines is in itself a huge assumption. If you want to discuss why you actually think the trial was unfair I challenge you to give specific critiques to the lawyers in that video explanation. If you watched there was great detail to the evidence for how short the video was. There were some funny gems too, such as Trump complaining about witnesses not testifying when his lawyers had all the normal rights to call witnesses.

I’m sorry I stopped, trying to make things clear,
With those who spin politics, year after year.
If you wonder why Trump’s crew kept voices dim,
Why his accountant and expert didn’t speak for him,
You haven’t searched, didn’t seek to find
Beyond the tales spun by a one-track mind.
If truth is your quest, use Duck Duck Go,
Find unbiased sources, let knowledge flow.
It’s draining, indeed, dealing with fools,
Who’d rather play games by their own set rules.

Sean, this is uglyness, not rhymes of reason. The ugly is the name-calling – those who disagree with your view are the spin doctors, the fools, the one-track minds, set in their ways. … I tried to write more of a critique, but it’s all so off the rails that I can’t waste more time on it; I have strategies to work on. Thanks for sharing, I guess, but no thanks. That’s as politely as I can put it.

addition 3 hrs later: I know there is name-calling on both sides (e.g., basket of deplorables was a particularly bad one), but that doesn’t mean everyone on either side of the aisle engages in name-calling, nor does it mean it’s the right thing to do just because someone on the other side did. It just isn’t the right thing to do. Not if we all want to have a sane, reasonable country to invest in, and to welcome investments from other countries as well. Now back to those strategies.


Here’s my friendly take on dealing with people who just don’t get it. When it comes to ignorance, I believe in moving on rather than wasting energy. I used to try reasoning with them, but it rarely works. So now, I state my views confidently and then keep moving forward.

The big difference between my approach and that of the left is that I’m open to changing my mind. Honest, respectful discussions have changed my views before, and they can do so again. However, one thing I will never allow is for these people to silence me. I’ve decided to stand firm and speak my truth, no matter what. No more letting anyone shut me down!