Saturday May 19: C2 will be down

You may not have noticed it, but over the past two weeks we have slowly – ever so slowly – been migrating to new server hardware. When the migration and re-configuration is complete (in approximately 2 weeks), we will boast extremely fast servers dishing out the site, running our Hypothetical Fill Engine and the multiple C2 AutoTrade broker interfaces… plus we will enjoy redundant servers, replicated databases, and geographically separated co-location facilities.

Eyes glaze over yet? Well, now that you’re feeling a bit queasy, I’ll hit you with the left hook: we’re going dark for much of upcoming Saturday morning as we continue our server migration plans. The entire site will be taken offline at approximately 12 noon Eastern U.S. time this Saturday, but will be back up (hopefully) by sundown (I have dinner plans, after all).

As all the markets are closed, this ought not be too troubling, but I did want to alert you so you can plan accordingly.


Sounds great!

Matthew, thank you much for this. With faster servers and redundancy, you’re giving us more for the money. Much appreciated.

It looks faster over the weekend. Hopefully days of overload/slow responses from C2 is over :wink: