Send trades from my broker's platform

Could there be a small C2 window that I would open and have positioned at the top left of my screen that would have only a send button on it, and when I make a trade on my broker’s platform I can click the send button to send the trade info ( stock symbol, limit order price or market order) to C2 and to my subscribers. Would be better too if I could configure the window to as small as 1 1/2 inch square. It would need only have the “send” button on it to send my trades to C2.

That way I would not need to place trades on two seperate platforms.

Think about what you are asking… You expect an interface between C2 and every single broker platform out there. Or do you want the interface for only your broker? If there is no interface, how would C2 know what you are entering in your broker’s platform? Do you know if your broker even has an API to allow something like that?

Assuming the above is possible, how do you suggest trade sizes are handled? Your starting account at C2 is 100K. Do you plan to open a real account with the same value? Or do you expect C2 to read the equity value of your real account and scale trades accordingly?

I just can’t see how what you are asking could be possible and if you reflect about it for a moment, I think you will agree.


- Fanus

Fanus, I’m not a computer systems guy. I have’nt the vaguest idea if it can work. Thanks for your comments. I’d also like to hear from Matthew Klein or some other C2 techie, if they wish to comment on it. I’m for more speed and convenience where it’s feasible.