Broker Transmit as a Trade leader

Dear Trade leaders,

I am planning to use broker transmit (via Gain capital account) to run my strategy. Are you aware of any limitation to my real trading account if I do this? My guess is no, but it would be nice to get a confirmation


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nope. youll be fine, subscribers might have a bit of slippage especially if youre in more illiquid names though. i estimate my subs can have as much as 10bps of slippage a trade, which is something, but still generate a profit even with that.

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I am with GAIN and use the broker transmit. Few weeks back I had a problem where my target price was getting filled 2 or even 3 times. Another words instead of being FLAT my positions were getting reversed.C2 said it wasn’t their doing and GAIN said their end was fine. The only solution was to reset my system. I think this may have been caused by the platform/data I use. To be fair I had no such problem with them prior to that.

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Thanks @Biks @The-Tendie-Man for your input
Unfortunately, broker transmit is not set up yet, I am still sorting it out with C2 helpdesk.

The systems are available for those interested and I am offering one month trial at no cost. Please go through the system description. Both below are day trading systems.

Please use UGBA65427 for below

Please use UGYI45336 for below

Anyone have success use TradeStation platform transmit? I can’t get answers from C2 or Tradestation.

In spite of several reminders to C2 helpdesk , my question to C2 remains unanswered. And so no TOS yet of course. This question is for C2 helpdesk -

I have 1 main account and 2 sub-account with Gain Capital. (all having the same user name). I want to publish trades from only one of those subaccount on C2. When I contacted the broker, they said they can not give access to C2 to only one subaccount, but instead have to give access to all account and subaccounts under the same user name. My question is if I instruct broker to do that, can it be ensured that C2 can take trades from only one subaccount (which I have requested to be configured for brokertransmit on C2 ) and publish only those trades on my system?

@MatthewKlein - can you please get your team to answer this? ticket number was 186312. been a while

I just looked at the ticket, and we’ve been waiting for you to reply to our question about which account you want to use. It seems that my colleagues at C2 have asked several times for clarification, and we haven’t gotten any answers. Can you take a look at the ticket and try to provide the information we asked for? That way we can get this case solved. Sorry for the hassle.

thanks @MatthewKlein for the reply. The (sub) account that I want to use is clear and it is already configured into c2. (and I get the automated message every day saying 'Account not mapped") The specific answer I am looking for is for the question below, based on which I can instruct the broker

Somehow when I reply to the helpdesk, the message does not seem to be send across to them. (some issue with the ticket logging when replied via email?). I send the same question to Alen through chat.

It is not super urgent since Gain company is going through some transition and seems account numbers will change by october. It would be great if it can be solved by then

Thanks to c2 helpdesk. Broker Transmit (and TOS) has been set up for few of the systems. Trade along!

(last one probably needs a trade or two more to get the TOS logo)