Sending Futures orders from MT4


I am trying to send futures orders from a MT4 platform. My broker has a CFD which replicate the DAX futures.

However when I am trying to send order, I got the following error message:

“error Specify instrument as stock, option, forex, or future. Invalid instrument”

I am sending the order with the following product code XGZ6 but I do not see anywhere where I should be able to input the instrument type.

Thanks for your help.

MT4 is just for fx …

CFDs has almost “nothing” to do with the real exchange instruments, the replication is very broker specific, and all fx, cfd brokers create their own unique contract specifications for CFDs…

So, no real and correct way to send an order from GER30 (DE30) MT4 instrument (spot, futures) and sync to real EUREX FDAX Futures …


Thanks for your replies - however this does not answer my question.

Although MT4 is an FX platform, you can send orders on other products via the MT4 To C2 DLL (See Using MT4 to Send Trading Stock Signals to C2)

The issue is that Collective2 does not recognize the product name (XGZ6) which is the correct code for DAX on the eurex exchange.


Sorry, I misunderstood your question :slight_smile:

Try to use XGZ16.

If it is that problem, I will update that Discourse post which is apparently misleading.

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Adding the 1 fix the issue.

Thanks a lot

Didnt know that c2 allows this …