Server Outage Aug 4 10:17 ET - 10:45 ET

Our Apache Web server crashed at 10:17 ET this morning, taking a MySQL database table with it. We restored all service at 10:45 ET. We are investigating the cause of this problem. At the moment, we do not know why this happened.

I apologize for the trouble this caused Collective2 users this morning.


At some point you should move to clustered environment where a crash of one server does not interfere the service.


We are in fact working on adding more redundancy to every aspect of our infrastructure.

Including yourself?

What would happen right now if MK got hit by the proverbial bus?

In the basement of our office complex there are five barometric chambers, each containing a biological clone of myself. They are in a state of suspended animation, being fed through an IV drip. If I fail to check in one day, the doors on the chambers will open, and the five clones will be released. They will then take over the running of Collective2.

In addition, they will take over all my home duties, including doing the dishes at night, and putting my son to sleep. Please don’t tell my wife.


I recommend letting the clones out right now and you taking a long vacation :slight_smile:

I saw that movie. It was called "Multiplicity" about 8 years ago or so…