Colo Facility Down 9 minutes (12:26 pm ET)

The hosting/colocation facility where C2’s web server is located went down for approximately 9 minutes today, starting at 12:26. It came back up for a few minutes, then went back down. It is now (at the time of this writing) back online.

I am working with the colo facility to investigate. Even before I learn all the facts, I want to tell you that I consider these problems serious, and this kind of downtime unacceptable. I chose this (expensive) colocation facility because it promised multiple redundancies (backbone, routers, power, etc). So something needs to be improved. I’ll try to get to the bottom of it and then make whatever improvements are required. I am not able to say yet the fault entirely belongs to the colo facility, but it does seem that way - and, in any case, it hardly matters whose fault it is. It’s my responsibility to provide a rock-solid platform, and today’s outage shows we’re not there yet.


I’m amazed that there were no replies or discussion about this incident.

It says something about C2, I’m not sure what but it definitely says something…