Something for Matthew to respond to re: OEC

Having been frustrated by trying to manage manually positions at OEC from the Trade Setup page - it either did not respond at all or I had to re-log in several times to make it finally work - I simply went to the OEC platform and manually managed individual positions, fully expecting that C2 would either stop sending new signal, shut down or liquidate all my positions. Well, nothing of that happened, new signals came in correctly and from there on I happily manage everything from the OEC platform page directly. Matthew, your take on this?

There is another problem with the Trade Setup page. When I want to check my positions - and this is important to me because I auto trade several systems at OEC - and I click on a particular system name, for about 2 seconds the correct, up to date positions and numbers come up and than it reverts back to the previous, now obsolete numbers and positions. In order to keep the latest correct positions staying put I have to log out and in again. Matthew, please see if you can fix this. problem.

Hmm. The only way this should be possible is if you have turned off AutoSync (which is now possible w/ Gen3 brokers). As to your second point: I agree the current Trade Status page is incredibly cumbersome, and I will be fixing it soon (that is, as soon as the current backlog of upgrades is complete).

I forgot to mention: When I set up a system for auto trading at C2 I do not check the box: Turn on C2 AutoSync.

Correction: Instead of Trade Setup page I wanted to say Trade Status page. Thanks Matthew for the instant response

Then this explains why C2 allows you to manually add positions into your account – because AutoSync is off.

Hi Matthew,

Is that autosync option something new? Looks extremely useful, thanks for adding it.

What are the implications of turning autosync off? Is each individual order confirmed between c2 and the broker, or do you rely on autosync for this?

ie, when you send an order to the broker, is there some kind of handshake whereby the broker confirms that the order has been received, or do you send the order to the broker, and then autosync does a sweep a minute later to check that all the orders/positions that should be there, are there?

I have often seen orders sent to OEC out of hours, and OEC rejects them. Is it autosync that keeps submitting them until they are accepted, or is this part of the order placing code? ie would I lose these orders if I turned autosync off?

I’ve had a couple of problems using the trade status page, so if I could turn off autosync, and still be confident that at least all the orders will get send to the broker correctly, that might be the way to go for now?