Shell shock March?

Is it just me or a lot of strategy I sub here sitting in cash or doing really small trades.

I have strategies use to trade everyday now sitting 2 week straight in cash, or now only trade 10% of the acct capital. I guess with so many strategy went bust in February, can’t blame them for making another wrong call and lose more subscribers.

Anybody else feel the same way?


I think most strategies were based on a bullish bias and have made consistent profits based on that bias. Most strategies simply are not good at handling unsure markets so they will either not trade anymore or will trade lightly which means the subs will be overpaying for services.

I have seen new models/strategies claiming of fantastic backtested results which have just been wiped out in less than 2 months in this uncertain climate. This shows that their strategies were not very robust.

Basically, any models/strategies that can make money during this period may prove to be very robust.

Post-traumatic shock. Many traders are emotionally affected after a market crash. They prefer to wait and ignore the signals (buying or selling) of their strategies. This is a very common behavior in these circumstances.

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I am sure some traders are just following their system correctly. Sometimes the best traders have the most patience.


never confuse results in a strong bull market for intelligence


Everyone is a genius when the market goes in one direction, lets see who comes out on top in a choppy market


Strategies work in different ways under different market conditions. It is normal to have periods of good and bad results. A good strategy generates high returns over time. I think it’s a mistake to qualify a strategy for its short-term results, only.

There is any good systems with long track records on C2 left?