Short penny intro

Short Penny is an absolutely aggressive Penny Shorting system created with the intent to move extremely fast.
It generally shorts penny Stocks under $3 and is incredibly volatile.
Moves will be brisk and breath taking, not for everyone. Designed for a Centerpoint is a brokerage that compliments this type of trading.
There may not be a market on C2 for this type of trading so if there is no demand, I will be gone within several months.

This is a very volatile trading system, and I highly recommend not trading it unless you have extensive experience in shorting.
You Can or may lose money trading.

I can’t see this working. I knew a guy who started a legitimate quant fund based on this. It didn’t work. Just impossible due to inability to borrow shares and liquidity. And if you do get them, the borrow costs are really high. Not to mention the risk the stock pumps and dump and you get margin-called on the pump.

Is C2 going to incorporate the actual cost of shorting? Or the actual liquidity required?

If nothing else it should be entertaining.


Ok then I’ll just call the system Potluck and trade everything.