Any good Short-Only systems out there for stocks?

As a somewhat beginner system builder myself (although a long-time professional trader), i find it hard to build systems that can make money being short equities - particularly if they are trend-following. Any successful “short-only” systems in here? The system screener doesn’t let you screen for that

Check out DT_SELL-YM, but pay attention to the high commission (because large number of contracts are traded per trade) and the high sub fee. Those charges make the APR dwindle down to 28%. One of the shortcomings of the C2 statistics is that they don’t show returns after those charges.

Hey Jay Bird,

I know from my experience, when programming “short only” stocks systems, the discrepancies between the historical performance and the real time results was such a joke! For one, I NEVER did I once get the price I was asking, I guess due to the uptick rule and the “HB” rule. Also I remember a funny incident very clearly… ahhh well, not funny at the time. hehehe. I got a new signal, to short a nasdaq stock… Sooo I went short… I have no idea what happened. The market was in the duldrums and the actual stock was trading pretty thin at the time. I think the market maker must have been bored or something. INSTANTLY after getting filled short, the stock just ran up parabolically. POW! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It ran up and up and of course hit my stop. unreal! I think that was the last time I shorted stocks. hehe

Sorry to ramble, but shorting stocks brings back some funny memories. Hey, good luck finding a short stock system. Maybe ETF’s are a better bet with no uptick rule?



Hey Jay Bird, I have almost finished working on a Dow 30 long and short system if you are interested. I should have it uploaded later tonight and ready to go "live" tomorrow.

Are you interested in short only? or also a combination of both?


The uptick rule is long gone.