Short volatility opportunity

I think it’s time to short volatility. ZIV is a great idea with VIX futures months 4-7 trading between 30 and 34. Historically these values are at the high end of the range. Take a look. Do your own homework. Enjoy.

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Bold call! And you sure had it right today, with ZIV up big! :slight_smile:

It was a bold call indeed. Do you have a certain time period you are suggesting to short volatility or are you reserving that for subs?

Fantastic call, all of you are doing great. Unfortunately dd. Is really imo. overvalued on C2. My system triggered the bear turnaround 23 days ago but my subscribers prefer a low dd. And moderate profits. For those who’s dd. starts approaching 20% subscribers become hard to come by. Unfortunate.There may be a 2 to 3 day bounce here but this market is going wayyyyy lower in my opinion.