Signal Comparison

Mathew on the signal comparison area. I would think it would make more sense to put a vendors other signals in there for view. For example when I go to my signal SMA. It is not possible to compare it to my other signal Conservative Growth. Or when I go to my Conservative Growth area it is not possible to compare that signal to SMA.

Soon I will be going to be giving a little demonstration of Collective2 to a trading group I belong to. Since I showed them your web site about a year ago you have added some really neat things. I would really like to be able to easily go to one of my signals site and compare that signal to one of my other signals.

Also for us vendors it would create some synchronicity between our own signals. Since I am an end of day trader it would be reasonable to assume I believe other end of day trading signals would be a better match for my signals than others such as day traders. When I go to SMA I see you have it matched with a signal that trades more than 100 times a month. Also it has always made me wonder, of all of these signals that are supposed to be a good match for SMA, SMA only shows up as a match to just a couple of theirs?

In summary I would ask of you to at least show my signals as a logical compliment to each other. That makes it easier for me as a vendor to create some association for my own signals.

Thanks Rick Haines