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Significant improvements, new name and a great offer!


Recently I added a huge improvements to my strategies VIXTrader and VIXTrader Plus. As a result I changed the name of the strategy VIXTrader Plus in purpose to reflect better the abilities and the qualities of this strategy. The new name is VIXTrader Professional. The improvements bring to this strategy the ability to make better results and still keep the DD low. The strategy will produce more Long volatility trades and enjoy from more sophisticated money management.

The strategy now is perfect for professional investors who wish to trade with margin and with the ability to hold 20% DD.

Live and back testing for VIXTrader Professional 1.2009 - current date. Without margin and without reinvest.

Other improvements has been made on my strategy VIXTrader DayTrading and now I expect it to produce great results and again with a very low DD.

I would like to offer you to try both strategies, with one low price of $199 for both of them together.
If you will not be happy you could cancel any time and get a refund during the first month. This offer is valid of course also to my current subscribers and valid until VIXTrader Professional will show 80% in the Cumulative Return.


My strategy VIXTrader Professional shows today 80% in the Cumulative Return so this is the last day of my offer to subscribe to VIXTrader Professional and to recieve also free of charge my strategy VIXTrader DayTrading which is very promising.

Many thanks and good luck to my new subscribers. A great times ahead of us!


Robert, youare confusing me. I always though you are a trader or strategy developer in worst case. But switching to salesman profession?


Many thanks for the new title :wink:

Great week.


Can you lower the price to $50?


Yap, I absolutely agree with you especially for people who subscribe many models for diversification purposes and has several volatility systems. $200 is a little bit off.


What should be the “right” price for a great (Days of Trump :slight_smile:) system?
If you trade a $10K account then $199 looks expensive…If you trade a $30K account or more then the price is nothing compare to the potential results of the strategy…

The price of the strategy is the last thing you should consider… You should compare it to the potential profits or losses of the strategy and you will understand that at the end it does not really important…
Until you decide if you subscribe, you can check this strategy
It’s free now but for research and study only
Yesterday it closed the first trade for this month +5.52%
At the moment, the strategy does not include money and risk management, signals only

One more thing:
Let say that the price of the strategy is $0.
How will you feel about it?
Will you trust the person behind it?
Will you really going to trade it with your own money?
Which developer is more committed to his subscribers, $0 or $199?
Which developer invest more time and efforts for his subscribers?

Think about it…


Robert, your strategy under-performing benchmark (XIV). It is under-performing benchmark in straight up market. By any hedge/mutual funds standards you are under-performer, Where have you been with volatility strategies 2,3,4 years ago, when life was not so easy? Also one of most important characteristic of trader is ‘flexibility’ and you are not showing it.

Think about it…


I will be happy continue with the same “under-performing” results for many years :slight_smile:


My friend, in trading we don’t talk about future. We do talk about past. Learn it.

  1. I don’t have problem with price $0. Example is SPYderMAX. I was subscriber, made money and cancel subscription because of high correlation with other system I’m trading
  2. Yes, I did trust SPYderMAX because he is TOS and for him making money by trading system is more important that making money from subscription price
  3. I did trade SPYderMAX with my own money, with allocation 500%
  4. There is no relation about developer commitment and strategy subscription price.
  5. You are missing the point. Only developer that trades with own money and is TOS,will show effort to his/her own money. There is not such thing as commitment to subscribers or it calls marketing.


I also want to participate in survey :slight_smile:


Same level of trust.

Depends on the other factors, my decision doesn’t depend on how low the subscribers fee.

Zip 4 X was one of the most expensive systems here at C2 - cost was 600/month before last crash. One can see how much developer is committed. :slight_smile:


The story here -

Village market. Dill weed is selling by 1$ per pack around. Only one old lady sells it for 3$ per pack.
People are asking her:

  • Why? See, others sell it for 1$?
  • Sonny, I really like money.