Survey: What is the right price for my new strategy?

After a year and a half of live testing, my new strategy VIXTrader VolaVix is coming now to C2 (I am waiting now to close the current trade and the new signal will be sent to C2).

This strategy, as opposed to my other strategies VIXTrader and VIXTrader Professional which running now in C2 for investors with a medium or high accounts due to the high number of internal strategies, this strategy is intended for any account with $ 5000 or more.

The strategy works with a single amount of money, which means that all of the money in the account goes in and out. Thus, each investor can follow the strategy by automatic execution or only receive the signal and carry out the transaction himself.
The strategy operates without leverage, and its trading results in back testing and live trading since 1.2016 are available here 24/7

VIXTader VolaVix

My question is what is the fair price to charge for this strategy?
What should be the strategy price with an average annual profit of 100% and DD of 26% maximum?
Would I give it for free for a few months? or free for a year? Will I charge a low or high amount?


Why give it away free? Isn’t that defeating the purpose of developing and then recruiting a system? Isn’t that doing a grave disservice to the rest of the developer community who maybe actually want and deserve a financial reimbursement for all the “trail and error” money invested over the years, driving down the prices for a system by offering it free? I don’t understand. I say as Davey Jones in the Pirates film said, “Whats your purpose here?!?!”

If the system is as good as it looks you should have no problem charging well over $100 a month, and even that is rediculously cheap for a system that is like having your own ATM! (if thats really the case)

Have you hear about internet business model that service is offered for free to build customer base and monetarize value later?

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But for a whole year? Thats excessive, unnecessary and not in any developers best interest.


For sure this is not in interest of other VIX intraday strategies developers assuming that this strategy will be successful. But this is BIG assumption.

The true is that strategy without C2 track records of 6 months or more is worth nada, zero, zip. Also giving something back to community initially for free can make its own purpose (SPYderMax for example).

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A better approach, the one I have used, if a track record is the desire before selling your system, is to build it up in Private mode. Then, after a few months of success and a track record that shows how good your system is, go Public and charge a reasonable amount from day one. This way you don’t go through the embarassment if your system nosedives when you go from backtesting to actual live trading, you don’t irritate other hard working developers by charging nothing, and you can refine your system along the way with no subscriber pressure. Win-win.

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I meant to charge $0 and collect subscribers and only after they will make some money then start to charge…

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Sure, private mode is one way to go. From developer point of view this is equal to public mode without charge by initial period of time.

I don’t understand your logic to oppose free public mode by initial period of time.

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You have my blessing. Finally, first time something intelligent on public forum from developer :slight_smile:

I KNOW that you like the idea :wink:

It doesn’t mean that I will be subscriber, but it is honest way to go.

No, Private mode isn’t visible to anyone, thereby all the reasons I gave. For one, if a developers system nosedives when going from backtesting to actual live trading in Private mode, no one will see it. On the other hand, in Public mode and with a bunch of subscribers, you take them all with you when you nosedive and become the butt of alot of mean jokes here on C2. See the logic?


I don’t see anything logical what you typed.

  1. You proposing charge for strategy without C2 trading record (who cares about possible outcome)
  2. You proposing to make strategy without C2 record a “private” (to save subscribers against possible outcome)

Can you make your mind? These 2 proposal are logically exclusive. I know 2+2 is for some people not a obvious answer, but …you can do it! :slight_smile:

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Sorry marekj, it’s clear you don’t know how Privat mode and Public mode work and what they entail, so any further discussion is pointless. Cheers!

One strategy developer less :joy:

Beware, don’t feed the troll…

@RobertPeterson if you ask wether you should give out your Signal for free, what answer do you expect? No one says no to a free Lunch. :wink: That doesnt mean they stay when it gets a price tag one Day.
My advice is, ask yourself first how much value you will be providing with your system. Then you will find the right number fast. Dont be too cheap, quality comes at a cost. You cant have everyone follow your Signal or you will lose the edge. That’s true especially for daytrading so keep that in mind.
I hope that your efforts will pay out for you. :slight_smile:

I love this forum. Let me check who is AlexanderG. Oh, developer of SmartVolaPlus, means direct competitor. And his advice is ‘Dont be too cheap’. Why not, be expensive, $1000 per month will be just great, much better than $0 per month until C2 few months record is created.

Alexander, how it works in your case (SmartVolaPlus)? Very limited C2 records, price set to $99 and ZERO subscribers.Suggesting doing the same mistake, it does not sound as a good advice (I’m not sure if it is bad faith or incapability of learning from own mistakes). I think Robert can do better.

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0$ for first 6 months. Than X% from generated income, price can be updated each month or once in a three months or half year. Stolen from here. :slight_smile:

Ha-ha, good joke. I’ve just sorted The Grid by subscription price from highest to lowest and checked out results. These guys are asking money for nothing. :smiley:

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Sorry to break it to you, but developing a strategy as private and then turning it public if it managed to generate a good track record isn’t win-win.

A better definition for it is “deception”.

Just create 3-5 systems as private. Take negatively or low correlated systems, Then turn the one that looks good public. Keep the others private. Then you have a real track record.

Does this record say anything about any value in the system, or about your abilities as a trader?


It is a result of being deceived by randomness. Or in other words, selection bias.

What you call “embarrassment” is actually “poor trading skills”. And your scheme tries to hide those.

Anyone who wants to be taken seriously should have all his strategies open from day one.