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3 new swing systems


Born few days ago. Swing trades ranging in time frame from few hours to few days. Please add to your simulation to keep track!

Thank you


since it’s new please give everyone a 2 month free coupon so we can try it in a real account and see how it does. otherwise you can wait about 6 months before you get your first paying subscriber.


Wow…almost a 3k profit with 1 trade in the NQMate…how many contracts is being traded…5 contracts? Looks highly leveraged.


2 contracts at current equity value - just like other 2 systems. the others got stopped out and this one not yet. Not really sure 2 contracts on 25000 USD is considered high here :slight_smile: (although in my books it is high unless appropriately hedged ). my stops are tight - so as soon as market turns unfavourable after entry , system get out.


2 contracts for almost a 3k profit is not bad! Keep it up!


thanks - still early days

  • that’s the position system holds now -


survived without damage and sitting on cash playing the waiting game :slight_smile:


Thats good for you but if you had subscribers they would be losing $200 monthly.


sometimes cash is the best position :wink:


lol…I can keep it in cash by myself instead of paying someone to do it…thanks!


apparently not everyone is as intelligent as you :smiley: else nobody would be lamenting about their losses now


Everyone should be aware of the systems they are subscribing to. To promote a system that has only 1 trade…well if you are around after 1 year with a decent track I will be one of your subscribers!


Don’t get me wrong…I’m hoping your systems will be successful.


But as we all know, most people who promote their systems after 1 trade are rarely here after 3 months.

Maybe you will buck the trend buddy.


Not doing bad so far - please add to your simulation to keep track!


3 months and few days old. Not doing bad considering systems were started almost towards end of the bull party in end of January and systems were tested by the correction.
Not an overnight wonder and be ready to lose in small amounts to catch the big winners as is evident by the limited track record. Patience is a key virtue :slight_smile:

Please add to your simulation to keep track!


new closing high

cumulative return 35.6%
annualized return 124%
maximum drawdown (so far) 12.6% (yes, system existed during february too :wink: )
sharpe ratio 3.8


new closing high

System live since Jan 15

cumulative return 58%
Annualized return 217%
Max drawdown so far (14.5%) (yes, system existed during february too :wink: )
Sharpe ratio 3.8


YM hopefully catching up with the other two systems


new closing high on ES positional

cumulative return - 43.5% annualized return 157%
max drawdown so far 12.6%
sharpe ratio 4.2