Slower service response time today

I want to alert Collective2 members that I will be in and out of the office today. My wife and I just gave birth to our second son (actually, my wife gave birth; my job was simply to not faint) - so customer service response times will be a bit slower than usual. I’ll still be in constant email contact, and will of course service all your needs as speedily as I can. But if my responses to your non-urgent email queries seem a bit slower than usual today, I hope you will understand. Things will return to normal by late tomorrow.

- Matthew Klein

Congratulations Matthew!


Is he going to be an author, trader, or website developer?



Congratulations, Matthew!!

Don’t You worry about our boring e-mails. Watch Your kids, wife and Yourself!

Congratulations, Matthew! And welcome, little boy. Live long and prosper!

Congradulations Mathew! I do believe things will be back to normal about the time your new little one arrives at collage.

That’s great, Matthew!

Congratulations, and best wishes to mom and baby!


Congratulations, Matthew!

Oh, wow. Missed this.

Congratulations…and try to get some sleep.

Congratulations Matthew. Wishing you the very best.