Why all my systems have 6.72 C2 Score?

Hi, Mathew:

I have the systems Money Machine Forex, Forex Relax, etc.

I see all my systems performing too good, and all have the same amount of C2 Score: 6.72. I think some error is happing. Please, can you see it? I want put the banner in my webpage to get customers. Is impossible all systems have the same score.


Jose Joaquin



This is by design. C2 Scores rate the system creator as a whole, not the specific system.

I think is an error rate the system creator as whole, the most important is the specific system, because in other systems making intraday i had many problems with MT4 with C2, dont werk properly, the orders dont arrive at time, and i stopped these systems. Never more i will use MT4 with C2. Now i dont use MT4, i use systems i send manual orders each weeks, with strong profit and i think it must be rate by system to value the real performance of the system and put the banner i my own web of asesor. Thanks[LINKSYSTEM_41388243]

Joaquin -

Most people who have been here a while understand that the C2 Score isn’t really significant. Your equity curve is what really matters.

Personally, I wouldn’t stress over it.

People will find and subscribe to good systems, regardless of C2 developer score.