Something wrong with personalization

I made some personalized charts of systems: TRADESIGNAL, LongRun Special, Bond Portfolio E9, daily income and found very strange things - negative returns become positive, in some months return figures totally disappear. Suspect that other systems are similarly affected. There is definitely something wrong with personalization.

Hi, Vladislav:

The personalization feature works by plotting new points on the equity chart at the moment a trade closes. So, it works really well for systems that trade frequently (i.e. have lots of data points on the chart). It works less well for systems that hold trades for long periods of time. For those systems, you need to take the personalized charts with a (big) grain of salt.

We hope to improve the feature over time.

How standard charts are plotted?

And how is it possible for "daily income" system to have -700000 when personalized?

I’m not sure what per-trade transactional costs you are imposing, but it doesn’t sound unreasonable: a system that trades an awful lot, for tiny profits – when you apply a large-ish per-transaction cost that overwhelms the small profits…

Start trading a system with amount $50,000

Show system subscription fees? - Yes

Forex Fee per 10,000 currency units traded $1.00

Futures All symbols same per-side commissio $6.98

Options Per ticket charge $9.95 $1.25 per option lot

Stocks Per ticket charge $9.95

What about standard charts plotting?

I guess the following:

Starting capital as specified by the system vendor, all other fees zero.