Is the "Personalized" button working?

I managed to change the options within "Personalized" equity chart once but no more it hangs all the time. Also, where can someone see the numbers of subscribers to a system? I sure want to know how many people trades at the same time especially on low liquid futures contracts.

We’ve been making a lot of improvements behind the scenes to the “personalization” technology in the charts, but if you notice a chart that still doesn’t seem to work right, please report to me which system you are trying to view, and I’ll take a look. (You can send me an email at matthew @

Regarding your other question, we do not release subscriber numbers info. However, you can know with confidence that the fill prices you see on the hypothetical track record are a volume-weighted average of real broker fill prices (when there are any real broker fills that use C2 autotrading) and so, in theory, any performance degradation resulting from large numbers of subscribers and illiquid contracts is already “baked into” the hypothetical results you see.

Matthew, as soon as I try to change the "personalized" options it hangs out…I mean it does not apply the submitted options…hope you understand what I wanna say…on any system …all the time (maybe is something wrong with my browser?)

Hard to say without knowing what browser and browser version you are using. Also, please tell me an example of a system you are viewing where you are trying to personalize the charts and it is not working. (I know, I know – it’s happening everywhere; just tell me one system so I can try to replicate the issue.)

Im using Firefox v 3.6.8 (last version i guess?) Try the eminialerts system. the "personalized" button in itself works the problem is when I try to apply other settings (the little pencil button - after I press it another window appears, I change the settings and click submit and then it show me that black progress bar saying it applies the settings and just hangs forever there.

If there is any way you can take a screen shot of your personalization screen (the values you fill in to personalize the charts) and email to me, it would be extremely helpful.


If there is a high number of subscribers you can make money the way TJ did, prior to writing advanced GET. You buy before it hits the buy stops and exit a few ticks after. This works really well in low volume markets and most people get really bad fills. I guess this is why i don’t trade rice.

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