Soybean Board Crush Strategy

Does C2 have a way to enter a Soybean Board Crush trade? In other words a way to enter a board crush (10 bean contracts /11 soymeal contracts / 9 soyoil contracts) without entering them all individually? There are futures trading platforms out there that provide this. I have a Soybean Crush trading strategy that I would like to manage on C2.

It doesn’t appear that one can even enter a spread trade on C2. Is that correct?

That’s right. Spreads are currently unsupported.

You may want to seriously consider incorporating spread trade ability for C2. Future spread trades have huge spec interest. Crack spreads, seasonal grain spreads, crush spreads, etc. Margins being sharply lower for spreads vs outright futures trades is quite appealing to investors that are knowledgeable in spread trading.