SP 500 E mini - subscribe only if you have money to burn

If your a small retail investor, I would just ask you monitor the system only. The drawdown’s are too high. Eventually a system will be created using strict stops. As you can see in order to dance among the waves you need to understand price action intimately. The profits would be much higher if I was more disciplined on entry and exits. I know where the market is headed, so I just enter without waiting for critical levels. I exit knowing if I just left it alone for another 24 hours it would be a huge multiple of the profit captured. I set the price high so only entities that have money to burn would subscribe to it.


I’ve been asked to drop the price. Again the system can have a high drawdown. The high price is set to discourage the undercapitalized from subscribing. I set a 90 day trial so it would be free for anyone to watch. But if your undercapitalized please unsubscribe before your card gets charged. The system should only be used to gauge direction of the market, and what the current trades are and whether the trade is going against me or not. If a series of buys and at what levels they are occurring are profitable implies a bullish picture to the market. The current market conditions are pretty volatile and the system does better with volatility since, the slippage into profit is greater. If you have 2K and it doesn’t mean much to you, go ahead and subscribe.


A proper system wouldn’t have these types of drawdowns. I don’t use stops, just discretionary entries and exits. Its extremely dangerous.

a properly placed trade will have a small inflection down and spike up in equity.

one of the sessions

evening session 2/8/16

notice the signal generation is excellent, but the system should be able to withstand market conditions. If market conditions are not favorable to system, then the equity curve deteriorates, until market conditions align with the system.


if it breaks 65, it heads to 94

dangers of no stops… look at the drawdown.

even with a extremely high win:loss ratio, one trade can cut into your equity substantially. The most prudent thing would be to give up some winners to avoid that one trade where it wrecks you.