Spectrum system

I noticed two trades on the spectrum system that don’t make sense.

STO 1 SMN4 2886 6/30/04 10:54 BTC 1 0 7/14/04 9:02 $288,600 $0 $0 $288,600

STO 1 SN4 870 6/30/04 10:36 BTC 1 0 7/14/04 9:02 $43,500 $0 $0 $43,500

How do you cover a futures contract at $0?

What exactly happened here?

Waiting on Matthew to fix these errors. Yes, the valuations are wrong.

I will take a look and see how that happened.

The problems have been fixed.

Once again, it was a bug in the “futures expiration” routine (a very tricky bit of software since it gets run very infrequently).

In a nutshell: the system will not let you take delivery of futures, so if you are holding them during expiration day, the system will close out your position at the last trade price. Alas, because of a silly bug, the routine closed out the position at a price of zero. Appealing to those going short? Absolutely. Accurate? Nope. The routine (and the bad trades within this system) have been fixed. Thank you all for pointing them out.