Vendors, Offers, Multiple Systems, and Blabbbbbb

Pink Pig,Fanus,Palsun,Brad, and Dustin;

You cats are offering no less than 5 systems? You guys sound like a sports betting service. " Do you want my 1 star plan, or my 5 star plan""? Oh, by the way, I’m offering my 300,000 star smoke your bookie lock this week…( thats what you guys sound like)…Jon

I don’t know about the others, but when I was subscribed to a system of Brad, I asked him to split his system into different systems for forex and futures. So he just nicely responded to a subscriber’s request.


I actually trade stocks, options, forex, and futures with real money. I actually have the most experience trading stocks and hope that some here will like a longer term system "RT Hedge LT" that uses technical and fundalmental analysis to find special situations that I will let my trading prove over the next year will do better than most day trading stock systems here on C2 in terms of low drawdown and % winners. Also, for my stock system I want to have alot higher amount of profit per share traded to reduce commission and slippage cost.

Also, that other vendor has only 1 system that is profitable. My goal is to be profitable on all systems I have here over time while reducing drawdown. I know my futures system needs work, while my forex system continues to do great.

I am re-engineering the futures method one last time using a combination trend and counter trend system that if it does not get the equity curve back above the last high, I will no longer offer it for sale here.


— Brad.