Auto Trading Process

Can someone tell me what is the process involved in auto trading and how long it takes for an auto trade equity(stock) order to execute with optionsexpress and IB? 15 seconds? 30 seconds? 3 mins?

I’d say that with Interactive Brokers and any Gen1 broker, it takes a maximum of 15 seconds or so, from the moment the vendor finishes entering the signal until it is received by your broker. After that, it’s normal execution time. You are required to run the broker’s software (e.g. TWS) and a relay software (e.g. TradeBullet) constantly during market hours. It’s up to you to see that they’re running smoothly, properly configured, etc.

Gen2 and Gen3 are completely server-based. I can’t speak for it’s speed, but I suppose it’s similar to Gen1, maybe a tad faster.

Hi Dean,

IB takes 2-3 seconds to fill a market order, the order is sent through all the available exchanges.

The worst part is that C2 takes about 6 seconds to retransmit your order to the subscribers. Moreover TB or other automation software also take some more seconds, probably since you place the order until the subscribers have it processed on their broker you’lll have a 10-12 seconds delay.


Gen1 takes an average of 4 seconds.

Gen3 takes about 1 second.

Gen2 is somewhere in between.

The TB overhead is less than 0.1 second.

The handful of Gen3 trades I made took >> 1 second from activating on my own system until reaching the broker window, in preparation for trading…

Thank You Jorge and Ironcito and Matthew.

Matthew, that is all I was asking you yesterday. Yesterday, one of my subscriber got a really bad fill in pot which was a 1.30 slippage. I had a short stop order placed in pot at 199.30 for about 2 hrs. So based on the seconds you have given me, I cannot understand why it filled at 198. Thats about 2-3 minutes late and I am trying to figure why that happened. In any case, the subscriber doesn’t even seem to be worried as he is not responding to me. I am just breaking my head over this so that when someone does big size, the person does not get killed. I guess I am just trying to figure out what could have been the reason for this.

My ITM subscribers got filled around 199.23 avg.

Thanks a lot

By the way, all the auto trading fills today were perfect. Yes, even pot! This makes me wonder more about what could have happened yesterday.


The customer in question was using TradeBullet, and it’s always possible his Internet connection went dark briefly, or he was playing Wizards of Warcraft on his machine, or who knows. Stuff happens in real life.

Even so, because C2 can’t control what happens with Generation 1 AutoTrading, we report the fills that your traders get in their real-life accounts (even Gen1), but Gen1 fills do not affect your stats. (Fills from Gen2 and Gen3 brokers do affect your system stats.)

General summary of my message to you: It’s one trade, on one day, on one customer’s account. Take a breath. It’ll be okay. These things tend to even out over time. Somedays you’ll get weirdly good fills, somedays weirdly bad ones. But on average, the stats generally show what’s going on.

Ok thank you. You’re right. I should take a breather.