Spirit Airlines, new momentum , can we continue Long?

Since 15 May 2020, there has been a change in the trend with Spirit Airlines, the stock consolidated and found a strong support around $8.38 and now trading at $17.31. It appears that the stock has recently broker a resistance of 16.37 with more than average volumes.
I am long with the target of $25.00 (bought options and not the stock, July Expiry).
What do you guys think? will the trend continue? and can it reach $25 or probably go above $25 in the coming 4-6 weeks??

My strategy is free, feel free to paper trade, simulate my trades. Hopefully, we all will see some good results. Thank you!!

Assuming it does not fill today’s gap, a close above $22 could send Spirit Airlines (NYSE:SAVE) higher and trigger your $25 target.

Currently it is up a whopping 17% from yesterday’s close.

Nice call (no pun intended), I can see that your $25 target was reached.