SPODD500 Market Prediction

Odds for today’s S&P (7/11/19) to close above yesterday’s close was well over 75%. We placed a trade with nearly 100% of account balance (on 7/10/19 near the close) for today’s close in SPXL.

Tomorrow, the odds have been reduced to about 70% from 80% that the market will again close higher than today’s close. We took 1/2 the position off the table and left the other half in the SPXL for an expected good trading day (barring any bad news or rate hike or anything).

Sneak preview - The odds are shaping up for Monday to be almost 70% chance of a selloff. If things go as planned, SPODD500 will be placing 1/2 the account into SPXS for the sell off.

Remember that these are only odds and markets frequently defy the odds.


PS the actual trade signal is not “official” until the order is placed on the C2 system.

SPODD500 took profit a little too early today on the 1/2 that remained from the purchase on 7/10/19. To make up for the difference we went all in on SPXS at the close for an expected Monday sell off. Odds of a selloff look increasingly better for Monday as the S&P propelled upward past expectations. C2’s parked order system worked flawlessly for a purchase of 2900 SPXS shares at 17.08. Thanks to Matthew Klein for fixing the parked order system.

This is the last freebie market prediction from SPODD500 - in order to get real time Odds and order indicators you can subscribe to SPODD500 for only $39.00 a month. You will get even more detailed buy sell signals with a paid subscription and If you message me, I will give you a coupon for the first month subscription free. I realize that we are the new kids on the block as far as publishing our strategy, but I assure you there is nothing new about the thousands of hours of research and years of testing that have gone into this system.

Peach out!

SPODD500 Took another slight profit on the S&P Short, but in the last 2 minutes the market ticked up after we took profits. Again, the parked order system worked as it should. In our own records we indicate that today’s bearish trade signal was in fact not realized and has been noted as a losing trade. In our data we show an actual loss of $10.80. However, we personally believe the market will go down tomorrow even though there is no clear signal in our system for tomorrow. We had to close out the trade in order to keep with our system signals and there is no definite direction indicated for tomorrow from the system.