Spreads and commissions lack of transparency

I may be wrong, but I couldn’t find a full listing of the trading fees and spreads (forex) used in C2’s calculations.

I think this tool would be very usefull for system subscribers and even essential for system developers.

Another point is the validity of those spreads and conditions, wich is subject to critisism. Indeed, I noticed that the spread of EUR/GBP is 5 pips on C2. In the real life, most brokers quote 3-4 pips on that pair and the cheapest one quotes 1,5 pips!!!

I don’t understand why C2 should quote higher spread than the market on some instruments and very low commissions on some others (e-mini). So please, Matthew, change the setting of EUR/GBP spread to maximum 4 pips.

As stated above, I couldn’t check the spread on the other pairs.

Best regards,


The spreads in question are set by our Forex quote providers. The pair you are talking about is provided by Barclays. I’m not very happy with their quotes, for many different reasons (the spread being only one.) I am looking into transitioning to another feed. I’ll see what I can do. To set expectations: this is a medium- to long-term project.