Start a forex system for free on C2

Starting today, anyone can run a new forex system here on Collective2, for free. No Listing Fee will be required through April 1, 2015.

Here are the details:

  • This offer applies only to new forex systems that are created after today
    (after December 29 2014).

  • Normally, Collective2 allows system developers to enter five trading
    signals before asking them to pay our $120 Listing Fee. Until April
    1, 2015, no listing fee will be required systems that enter
    only forex signals. (In other words, that’s $120 worth of C2 services, for free.)

Our goal is to bring great forex systems here to C2. Please pass the word to your friends and trading colleagues by sharing this message. (There’s an easy “share” link just below this message.)


Matthew Klein

P.S. The page where you can begin to create your trading system on Collective2 is:

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